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Sons of Anarchy

Never seen the show before, so I thought I'd give it a looksie. I'm in the middle of season 4 and so far it's a fairly decent show, but I have a few things that seem "eh" to me. Ron Perlman...hmmm...there's nothing "tough guy" about him, in my opinion. Something is very off trying to believe him as a badass. Or his character annoys me so much, I'm just ready for him to go bye-bye. many season do we have to deal with a possible rat in the club? We get it. They're a pain in the ass to law enforcement...but every season having someone ALMOST go rogue against the club is getting predictable. Also, being in season 4 and dealing with US Attorney Lincoln Potter...the actor is playing him like he's an undercover pedophile right now. Enough with the quiet talk, it reeks of trying to lure children in to your van.


The Looming Tower by Lawrence Wright

I just finished reading Ghost Wars about the CIA, Afghanistan, bin Laden and it was a natural segue to pick up this book. I'm fascinated by pieces of puzzles throughout history, whether it be the rise of Nazis, terror plots, how nations were formed, how revolutions began so this book is right up my alley. It makes me realize that when people stick to their ideological political talking points (no matter which side you fall on), you are willfully blind to the entire story. I love history because it isn't black and white and doesn't fit neatly into a social media post. I challenge anyone reading this to pick up a book about something they THINK they know about and learn more about it. Read more & talk less.


After finishing all the Winter Soldier & Falcon comics and watching the series, one could not help but to get more Zemo into their life. So where should you go? Thunderbolts. For those not familiar with the Thunderbolts, allow me. After most of the world's superheroes were defeated by Onslaught (perhaps another blog post at another time) there was a desperate need for heroes, so low and behold a new group popped up in the nick of time calling themselves the Thunderbolts. They were quick to capture attention, but unbeknownst to the public the group was made up of supervillains using the superhero void to take advantage of the government & society as a whole. The group was run by Zemo and....well, I don't want to spoil any of the story incase the MCU decides to utilize this group/storyline for the future.

Listening To:

Podcast-Revolutions (season 2-American)

Yeah, yeah...I get it. I'm a history buff though. I mean...I'm a thesis short of a Masters in History so it's in my wheelhouse of interest. This podcast fits in well with my aforementioned love of clues/signs/pieces dealing with history. Maybe it's my love of hindsight. Like "whyyyyyyy couldn't England see this was going to go badly?" or "how crazy that a nation looked to it's parent, told it to f-off, and succeeded". Mike Duncan is a great storyteller and digs deep into several revolutions throughout history: Russian, French, American, Italian, etc... It's a great listen & I highly recommend it to any of my fellow history nerds out there

Radio-Dave Glover Show

I've listened to this radio show for it's entire run (20+years) and they've recently moved to the huge local station (1120 KMOX). The change was a little eh at the beginning. They lost almost half the cast & it was a little clunky at the beginning. I think the crew was nervous about the entity that is KMOX (home of Cardinals baseball, for those who don't know) and outside of seemingly endless interviews of other KMOX personalities they never seemed to have time to just talk to each other, which was the appeal of the show to begin with. Thankfully a couple months into the move, the show seems to be moving back to the comfort level it had before the channel change. You can hear them on podcasts, too

Working On;

Writing More

Lots of changes happening, which has left me feeling overwhelmed...a lot, so I'm trying to get better at slowing down & focusing on getting my brain cleared out. Perhaps one shouldn't use their blog for this purpose, but...I'm not forcing anyone to read this either. Lol. Hopefully the blog writing will lead me in a direction of doing more research, planning out what I'm gonna say, and having a cohesive direction, but right now it's about getting down in print that "It will all be ok & no matter how small, you ARE doing things with the goal of improvement in mind". So bear with me, some of these posts might be meaningless...ok, all of them might be, but again...I'm not forcing you to read or care.


Movies, movies, movies

Looks like the theaters are opening back up and screenings are going to happen once again! As always, I will pass along movie passes and reviews as they happen. Hopefully this will add to the return to normalcy that I think most of us are craving. Not sure when most of you, or any of you, will read this, but it appears as if A Quiet Place II will be my first screening, so I look forward to sharing my ideas about the movie after I see it.

Looking Forward To:

Doing this more!

I want to get better at just talking about what's happening, what I'm learning about, what interests me and seeing how my writing and life evolve from that, so stay tuned!

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