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I realize there are several casual Marvel fans who might be watching WandaVision thinking "huh?" If you're not a comics reading nerd like moi, the show would seem confusing and you're possibly thinking you might not make it through the series....well, I'm here to help. Maybe....I mean, if you want it.

The show, much like the movies, are pulled from comic storylines...shocking, right? To be fair, not every storyline has been used to the minute detail, but enough so that someone like me can recognize what could be happening & what might possibly happen.

I'm gonna try to give you a real fast synopsis on the comic storyline: Avengers Disassembled that MIGHT possibly make you want to stick around and see where WandaVision goes. I know the tv series may take us through the House of M storyline, but AD came before this and my summary will just give you a little background information to make the whole series seem less like it came out of left field. So are you ready? Great.

It opens with a zombie-like superhero, named Jack of Hearts showing up at Avengers HQ, looking...pretty gross, as zombies do. Scott Lang approaches Jack & is like " ok?" Then boom, he explodes, killing Scott Lang (don’t even get me started…devastated) and destroying the HQ. At the same time this is happening, Tony Stark is in front of the UN and loses it. Behaving like he's drunk he challenges some dude to a fight and he's kicked out. Back at the destroyed HQ, Cap sends out an alert about the explosion & Vision shows up to help, but he starts puking up Ultrons who then start firing on the group of heroes still there. The Ultrons are destroyed, SheHulk loses her shit and she snaps due to all the crap happening. She accidentally hurts Janet Van Dyne and dislocates Cap’s shoulder (I just think that’s

Tony shows up and is like "Wow, things look terrible and oh hey, we’ve been kicked out of the UN, they fired me as Secretary of Defense, and they think I’m drunk." A few of the superheroes don’t believe his protests that he isn’t drunk, he gets pissed and dips. So then a butt load of superheroes show up because of the alert and bam the Kree show up and start attacking them. Everyone is like WTF is happening. The Kree and superhero all fight with Hawkeye sacrificing himself to blow up the mothership. Kree just dip after a bit of fighting & Dr. Strange shows up, saying "Ayyeoo this shit seems weird, right? You wouldn’t know of someone who could change reality, do you? Someone with a bit o magic in them?” (Mini flashback of Wanda & Janet Van Dyne talking about how dumb it would be to raise kids with their lives and Wanda twitches a bit at Janet mentioning Wanda having 2 at one time)

Back to the present--the superheroes are like “nah, pffft, can’t be her, she’s a good guy” and then that’s when Doc lays out that speech for them (I'll attach the panels).

He’s telling them hey, remember delivering her kids and when she lost them it was bad, blah blah blah, but one of the X-Men says “uhhh…we found out the kids weren’t real, she had created them”. Doc is like “wuuuuuuuut, oh she definitely out of pocket, she has to be stopped”

While they're all putting the pieces together, Wanda had visited Agatha Harkness (possibly the Agnes from the show) and is like "Where are my kids?" (that's a whole other storyline I'd be glad to tell at another time) Then all the superheroes show up to where she’s located, Doc sees her sitting with a fake Vision & kids and tells her “gurlllll, you gotta stop”, she attacks him, he attacks her, knocks her ass out. Magneto (her dad, metal controlling X-Men dude) shows up and is “dude, I totally fucked up with my kid” and takes off with her to “heal” her.

Avengers break up because Tony can’t afford to fund everyone and the construction.

That's my real brief summation of that storyline, but do you see? Wanda bends reality and she is traumatized by her blown up life in Sokovia, her brother's death, uncontrollable powers, Vision's death, Thanos showing up....

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this...if there are any other storylines you're curious about or characters, leave me a message, and I'll try to cover them also

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