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Ta-da....I did it

I'm trying to get better at being a perfectionist. No, not trying to be more perfect..actually less. You're probably thinking to yourself "But you've never done anything perfect, so you're the worst perfectionist ever". That might be true, but....whatever, shut up loser. (#sarcasm). But I digress, my problem lately (or at least has been increasing in the last few years) is I've stopped doing most things I used to enjoy due to my overwhelming desire to be perfect at it. It's been awful and the effect on my anxiety is....pretty pretty bad. I used to love being on social media, posting pictures, being snarky...then slowly I put undue pressure on myself to post the perfect pic, think about each tweet (which FYI...isn't all that awful considering some of the thoughtless shit people post). Then I worried about what everyone thought about every move I made. It makes me the world's most insecure narcissist, I suppose

So I decided these last couple weeks, I'd start just "doing". You wouldn't believe how much I sweat over all of this too. It took me over a week to even open the box to my new camera because I was convinced that there was no point in even putting the battery in if I didn't have the perfect pic to take. But I did it. My first pic was of Norman & it didn't have to be perfect because he is ( No, it doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things, but getting my brain to believe that is gonna take some work. Baby steps....

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