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Spider-Man No Way Home Musings

By now most people have seen the newest trailer for the soon-to-be released Spider-Man (SM) movie. Soooo much hype around this movie, but why?? We've had some Marvel movies released this year already, so why the crazy anticipation for this particular movie?

I think that can be answered several different ways.

  1. I think the overwhelming hype has been because of the rumors that all 3 (live-action versions) SM might be making an appearance in the movie. Rumors started waaaaay back and only increased when the villains from those movies were shown to be cast in this one. SM has been on our big screens since 2002 giving us good and not so good moments and the thought of bringing them all together for one movie? Would be iconic.

  2. For MCU devotees, we know the implications of Phase 4 and have seen some STUFF go down through the tv series Loki and WandaVision. We know the implications of things about to happen and it's HUGE. Especially now knowing previous villains from other "universes" are about to appear. Once that muliverse is cracked it means any and all things are possible. Crossovers between movies, tv series, and even movie studios is enormous fun. It means characters who, at one time, had to "pretend" they weren't aware of the growing MCU can now fall into the fold.

  3. For me? It's the tie-in to the Doctor Strange (DS) movie coming out next year. With the things that have happened in the tv series this year the potential face-off between DS and Scarlet Witch (SW) should be pretty great. Ask any prolific Marvel comics reader & they'll tell you the showdown between DS & SW can be great fun. SW is a wounded character and DS can be a formidable foe standing between her and what she ultimately wants. So each trailer that comes out, I'm more and more convinced that DS isn't who he appears to be, which could be a result of her meddling or could help her in her universal destruction.

I'm gonna pick apart the trailer a little more over the next few days and see what I can glean from it. A geek's job is never done.

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Tom M
Tom M
Nov 18, 2021

Do you think a House of M movie or storyline might be in the works to have a valid excuse to re-boot Xmen...again?

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