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Let's see what 45 brings

The problem with writing a blog post is that I feel like I have about 400 great ideas to write about when it's 9am. Of course, I can't type any of these out because I'm in the middle of work, but my mind races with tons of things I want to say/get off my chest. Then the day rolls on, life happens, once the evening comes & I have time to post something every thought has left my head, I'm exhausted, and I've convinced everything I have to say is nonsensical garbage. Next day starts and the cycle continues....

I can't even tell you how many weeks/months I've lost to this daily merry-go-round. Too many.

One of my biggest issues is I never feel completely learned about any ONE particular topic to discuss. I'm a jack of all trades, master of none. I admire people who are comfortable sharing just about any and all thoughts they have with the world. That is definitely not me. I have a gazillion thoughts/opinions, but I will marinate and overthink about all of them to the point that I've talked myself out of discussing any of them.

So I've decided to just start "talking". Good, bad, indifferent maybe there is something I have to share that is important. Or maybe it isn't. I'm sure to learn something from this ridiculous experiment though...

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