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F9 "review"

I will fully admit that up until a week ago, I hadn't seen any of the Fast and Furious movies. So I decided that before seeing F9 that I should probably check in on the franchise that was basically building it's own Marvel type of universe. Thankfully, after seeing F9, I realized I made the right decision because I wouldn't have cared or understood a fair amount of what I was seeing.

I think we can all agree that the first was basically Point Break, but with fast cars. You can deny it, but please...deep down...I know you know. From there the movies build in cast and plot incredulity. At one point the question was asked "How do we go from taking down drug dealers to Idris Elba becoming a super soldier?", which...we both know is a valid question. But the saga continued, characters "developed" and fun was had.

So to F9...if there was ever an equivalent of an empty calorie movie, this was it. You know it's bad for you, but dammit you're gonna probably enjoy it. Regret can come in the morning. It is exactly what you expect to see from a F/F movie. Over the top, you must suspend any and all disbelief type of action, but pure entertainment from a group that has built this saga together. The characters DO have great chemistry or else this franchise would've been dead 6 movies ago. The roughest parts of the movie come from John Cena. First, you can see him on the screen...who knew?? Jokes aside, the trip Tyrese and Ludacris make is more believable than Cena being related to Vin Diesel. In ANY type of way. Plus, his acting...well, perhaps he's getting there, but watching him play an overgrown petulant child just wasn't a good role for him.

Like I said, if you want a cotton candy type of movie to get you back into the theater or you're a fan of the saga from the beginning, go see it. You'll laugh, you'll be entertained, and sometimes that's all you need.

Oh, and Charlize Theron's hair? Fucking yikes

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