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Been Too Long's been forever since I posted anything on here, so shame/shame/shame. Unfortunately it's too late to do an in-depth catch-up post (if you read my fitness blogs, you'll know I'm STRUGGLING with a night time routine, so naturally I'm working on this post instead of working on that), but let's see what I can fill the casual reader up on:

  1. Movie screenings for this year have been pretty scarce. I think I've seen 4? Scream, Death on the Nile, Uncharted, and Dog (if I'm missing any...please let me know in the I liked Scream, you definitely need to see at least the first, if not all of them before you see it. Lots of callbacks and easter eggs devoted to that entire series (good and bad). Death on the Nile, in my opinion, was better than the first (Murder on the Orient Express) and it's due to plot reasons, not actor choices or anything else. I'd expand on that, but I don't want to give any spoilers. I was looking forward to Uncharted from the trailers: action, actors, etc...but was a bit let down overall with the movie. It felt corny at times and definitely felt like I was missing huge gaps of the story. Dog was the surprise movie, so far. I had, actually I had low expectations for that movie. Ninety minute Channing Tatum movie that was just titled "Dog"? Ehhh. But was I was a, albeit saccharin, view of PTSD it did make you take pause. Of course our veterans deal with horrors and consequences of war that most of us will never comprehend, but rarely did I think about the dogs that we send into combat as well. Maybe it's because I still miss my Norman every day, but it got to me. Is it worth a $20 ticket? Can't say, but definitely worth the $5 days at most theaters.

  2. Trying to prep for both Moon Knight and Dr. Strange by reading all the comics I can. I've been trying to guess which storylines, if any, will be used and reading those series, but truthfully...who knows... The nerd in me is quite enjoying the "research" though. So many great stories over the years with both characters. I'm telling you, the Marvel Unlimited app is worth every bit of the $10/month I spend. Any favorite issues you'd like me to read? Drop them in the comments and I'll try my best to read each of them.

  3. Other than those two things, life is about as hectic as it always is for me. Trying my best to post everywhere all the time because business is business. For those of you who follow me on one, two or all platforms...thank you, thank you, thank you. All the little things I get to share and give away to you all is all because you stick around and see what type of crazy shit I'll say or post next. You've added more work to my life, but I assure you, it's been fun.

Until later!

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