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Triple Watt-zee

Let’s ignore the fact that the Steelers need to trim about $32 million to be ready for the new year to start for something this outlandish to happen, but we can all dream, right? Yes, yes, I know that even with restructuring Ben’s contract and losing McDonald and Pouncey won’t create magic money for the Steelers, but let’s take a look at least 3 reasons why Watt could make sense for Pittsburgh.

1. There have been problems with depth in the defense, highlighted by the 2020 season with injuries to key defensive players. Now add the extra burden of possibly losing Alualu and/or Dupree to free agency this off season and defensive concerns grow. Don’t get me wrong, the Steelers defense has been great the past couple years, but there could be room for growth with the pass rush. Again, it’s not broken, but the goal is to shut down the offense, right? Using their base 3-4 defense, the Steelers often have to draw up ways to pressure the QB, through blitzing, or other ways to confuse the O-line & QB and create ways to get to the QB. Watt, if he stayed healthy, would allow the Steelers to create pressure in early downs, especially in passing situations. Fresh rotation among players, especially veterans like Watt and Heyward, might keep injuries at bay and offenses rattled. Plus, anything that allows opportunities for more sacks is always a bonus. Player shifting could cause issues for coordinators and players, but not out of the range of possibilities based on game situations and player health.

2. Roethlisberger is in the undisputed twilight of his career and with the recent announcement of the Pouncey twins’ retirement, opening another veteran hole in leadership, wouldn’t it make sense for the Steelers to jump on the chance to bring in a proven leader on the field to help shoulder the burden of leadership responsibility? I think if you gave Big Ben the opportunity to win one last Super Bowl before hanging up his cleats, he’d take it. That much is clear by his willingness to work with upper management to make concessions in his paycheck to come back to the team. Surely watching the aging Tom Brady hold up his trophy had a profound impact on Ben and the rest of the team who has been there for years.

3. And, lastly, the most obvious reason being the Watt Trifecta. How many chances in any of their careers will they have the chance to play together? Finally allowing mom and dad to attend a full season being able to root for one team instead of splitting loyalties between teams to cheer on each son. Would JJ be willing to take a massive pay cut in order to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity? Would any of them? Yes, they know they’d be worth more than the Steelers could possibly afford, but given the actual chance would they swallow their financial egos and go for the whole “blood is thicker than water” show? It’s probably all conjecture and fantasy at this point, especially so close to the recent announcement, but what fun could that be for the thousands of Steelers’ fans around the world? The ultimate Infinity Stone collection for a football fan.

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