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Steelers Postseason Thoughts

  1. Ben needs to honestly assess whether he's a detriment or contribution to the team. I know it's tough for any pro athlete to check their ego & paycheck at the door, but want me to believe you love the team? Deep dive into your reality. If he thinks he still has a lot to contribute, it leads me to point 2

  2. Fire Fichtner...or anyone else who signed off on this year's offense playcalling. If you think or have some secret knowledge that Ben can only toss it 3yards then have a sit down with him, tell him he's f***ing up the team and make changes. If you know he can throw it down the field & you just suck at your job and can't come up with new plays...resign.

  3. Stop blaming Juju & Claypool for using TikTok during the season. If what a person did on social media affected their job then should you be giving your sh*tty takes online while you have a job? Idiots.

  4. Next season...the standard better not f***ing be the standard. You look like amateurs without the ability to overcome, improvise, and adapt. If my unathletic ass can tell what play you're gonna call, then I'm pretty f*cking sure the professionals on the other sideline can tell too

There. That's my take.

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Kenneth Miller
Kenneth Miller
Jan 15, 2021

Well put

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