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Eternals Review

To answer the easy question "How was it?" first, it was good. I wouldn't say it was great, but it wasn't bad either. That's the easy way to answer it. A nice 7/10. However, I think the issue some Marvel fans will have with the movie might go deeper than they realize.

For over a decade we centered around a group of superheroes until it culminated in an epic ending for a handful of them. Even at the beginning of this year, we were treated to Wanda, Vision, Falcon, Winter Soldier, and Loki. So same familiar faces after no Marvel in 2020. Expectations are high. We've missed the MCU, but we also have to realize it's not coming back looking the same. There is a sense of discombobulation coming out of EndGame, the movies reflect it with the new characters feeling the same way. In the shows, they've done a great job of prep work showing us how The Blip rocked everyone to their core. Through loss, evolution, disappearances, reconnecting, and plain old "What's the world like without Steve Rogers & Tony Stark?" The MCU changed and we changed along with it.

It's strange jumping back into the universe after losing characters and some time off. Part of you is eager to see what the new will bring, but part of you will measure it against the old. Fair enough, but realize we're starting over again. It took 11 years to get us to EndGame and when we watched less than stellar Marvel movies, it was fine because we had already watched these established characters in a movie or two.

It's back to Square One again. There's major anticipation there, but remain calm. A whole new universe is building and it'll take a moment to see where it's going. How is Loki, Sam's Captain America, ShangChi, and the Celestials all going to fit into that puzzle? Who knows. But I'm here for it.

Also, like always stick around for the credit scenes. There are two & it'll be interesting to see what comes of them.

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